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SR Merchant Navy Locomotive

“Clan Line” in rebuilt condition with removable Golden Arrow insignia. All photos by Golden Age Models Limited.

Railway models, brass locomotives for your model train set

Model steam locomotives to enhance your model train set. Buy model steam trains from Golden Age Models Ltd, available in OO Gauge, O Gauge and
Gauge 1, that will enhance your model railway.

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SR Malachite Green (Original)

21C1 Channel Packet * (Golden Arrow)

21C3 Royal Mail * (Devon Belle)

21C4 Cunard White Star * (Devon Belle)

35004 Cunard White Star * (British Railways on tender)

21C6 Peninsular & Oriental * (Devon Belle)

21C12 United States Lines * (Devon Belle)


BR Ultramarine Blue (Original)

35024 East Asiatic Company * (with blue wheels)


BR Blue (Original)

35003 Royal Mail * (Devon Belle)

35004 Cunard White Star * (Devon Belle)

35005 Canadian Pacific * (Devon Belle)

35006 Peninsular & Oriental * (Devon Belle)

35008 Orient Line * (Devon Belle)

35010 Blue Star * (Devon Belle)

35019 French Line C.G.T *

35024 East Asiatic Company *

35027 Port Line * (Golden Arrow)

35028 Clan Line * (Golden Arrow)


BR Green (Original)

35001 Channel Packet *

35003 Royal Mail *

35004 Cunard White Star *

35006 Peninsular & Oriental *

35015 Rotterdam Lloyd *

35018 British India Line *

35022 Holland America Line *

 35028 Clan Line * (late crest & Golden Arrow)

BR Blue (Rebuilt with early crest)

35005 Canadian Pacific *


BR Green (Rebuilt with early crest)

35018 British India Line * (has different pipe runs)


BR Green (Rebuilt with late crest)

35001 Channel Packet *

35002 Union Castle *

35003 Royal Mail *

35004 Cunard White Star *

35005 Canadian Pacific *

35006 Peninsular & Oriental *

35008 Orient Line *

35010 Blue Star *

35011 General Steam Navigation *

35012 United States Lines *

35013 Blue Funnel *

35015 Rotterdam Lloyd * (Golden Arrow)

35017 Belgium Marine *

35020 Bibby Line *

35022 Holland America Line *

35023 Holland-Africa Line *

35027 Port Line *

35028 Clan Line * (Golden Arrow)

35030 Elder-Dempster Lines *



Availability & Prices:

  1. * Headboards include the Golden Arrow, Atlantic Coast Express, the Devon Belle (early type with smoke deflector ‘wing plates’ and later cast type), The Royal Wessex, the Bournemouth Belle, the Night Ferry (circular) and the SR white route indicator discs for fixing on the lamp brackets. Every locomotive will be supplied with one of these headboards free of charge. Other headboards can be purchased depending upon availability. Headboards and Golden Arrow and Devon Belle fittings are designed to be removable although this must be done with care not to damage the paintwork or the small lamp brackets and fixing brackets.
  2. Other locomotive names may be available if pre-ordered prior to production.
  3. The period is only a guide because there were over 200 ongoing modifications to the class and it is not possible to include all the variations at each point.


  • Carefully researched from original drawings, photos and preserved examples.
  • Brass soldered construction with individually sprung axleboxes.
  • Opening smokebox door and superb detail including cab interior.
  • Oven baked paint to give a long lasting satin finish.
  • Superb Faulhaber motor and good weight for fast and powerful running.
  • Electrical pick-ups on locomotive and tender wheels for very smooth running.
  • 12v DC and DCC operation with many thanks to South West Digital Ltd.
  • Superb factory fitted ESU sound systems on all models.
  • Options for fitting smoke generators with isolation switches.
  • Options for fitting working headlamps as an after-service.
  • Options for fitting removable famous train headboards.
  • Presentation Golden Age Models box fully lined with foam for protection.


The ‘O’ Gauge locomotives are due for delivery in November / December 2012. There are very low numbers of each name and livery and many of these are already pre-sold so please contact us for availability on e-mail.


The price is £2,450 plus VAT for EEC area and delivery at cost, with a £100 saving per locomotive for pre-orders with deposit or orders for more than one locomotive. Payment by card is welcome although for Credit Cards please add a 2% fee.


We reserve the right to alter names, specifications and prices at any time is this becomes necessary.


Quality model railways from Golden Age Models Ltd

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