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Pullman Brake Car No. 73

Pullman Parlour Car No. 73. All photos by Golden Age Models Limited.

Pullman luxury coaches and quality model train locomotives

Quality Pullman coaches available that will enhance any model train set. Our luxury coaches are ideal for any model railway. Rare and exclusive model railways supplied by Golden Age Models Ltd. Exclusive model trains available in OO Gauge, O Gauge and Gauge 1.

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1928 Pullmans for the “Queen of Scots” etc :

Many of these were later used on the Southern Region.

First Parlours :

Lucille, Zena, Agatha, Ursula, Juana, Eunice, Sheila.

First Kitchens :

Ione, Joan, Phyllis, Loraine, Thelma, Nilar, Belinda, Evadne.

Third Kitchens :

Car No.68, Car No.69, Car No.70, Car No.71

Third Parlours :

Car No.73, Car No.74, Car No.75, Car No.76.

Third Guard Parlours :

Car No.77, Car No.78, Car No.79, Car No.80.


1928 “Queen of Scots” set with white roofs :

These are the 8 car sets using a selection of the above coaches.


Pullman Kitchen and Bar Cars :

“Diamond” / “Daffodil Bar” (plated sides)

“The New Century Bar” (wooden sides)

“The Hadrian Bar” (wooden sides)


Pullmans for the “Devon Belle” (wooden sides) :

First Kitchen Cars :

Fingall, Iolanthe, Cynthia, Rosamund, Cecilia

Third Kitchen Cars :

Car No.169 Third Class, Car No.171

Third Class Third Guard Parlour Cars :

Car No.54 Third Class, Car No.55 Third Class


“Devon Belle” Observation Cars (wooden sides) :

Pullman Livery : Original 2-tone white and grey roof.

Pullman Livery : Later grey roof.

M280M in Maroon and Cream (similar to Pullman lining)

SC281 in Maroon with ‘Observation Car’ nameboard.

Pullmans for the “South Wales Pullman” (plated sides) :

First Kitchen Cars :

Fingall, Iolanthe, Cynthia, Rosamund, Cecilia

Second Kitchen Cars :

Car No.169, Car No.171

Second Guard Parlour Cars :

Car No.54, Car No.55


1951 Pullmans for the “Golden Arrow” :

First Kitchens : Aquila, Orion, Carina

First Parlours : Cygnus, Hercules, Perseus

Bar & Kitchen Car : Pegasus (Trianon Bar)

First Guard Parlours : Minerva, Isle of Thanet

Second Parlour : Car No.35, Car No.75 (see above)

Second Guard Parlour : Car No.208

12 Wheeled Pullmans for the “Bournemouth Belle” etc:

First Kitchens : Malaga, Rosalind, Hibernia, Palmyra

First Parlours : Sunbeam, Glencoe, Orpheus

Second Kitchen : Car No.17, Car No.45, Car No.47

Second Parlour : Car No.96, Car No.98, Car No.294

Second Guard Parlour : Car No.41, Car No.94, Car No.95


Availability & Prices:

  • Carefully researched from original drawings, photos and preserved examples.
  • Brass soldered construction with superb body detail.
  • All axle boxes have ball bearings for better running.
  • Detailed interior with seats and tables etc.
  • Beautiful satin paint finish oven baked for quality and durability.
  • Removable roof nameboards from the famous trains.
  • Presentation Golden Age Models box fully lined with foam for protection.

Orders are welcome and as soon as there are sufficient we will re-order those now sold out along with the new types above depending upon the level of firm orders. There are very low numbers of each number and livery so please contact us for availability on e-mail.


The price is under negotiation and is expected to be £650 - £750 per coach depending upon the type and number ordered plus VAT and delivery. The price will be fixed for all firm orders.


Payment by card is welcome although for Credit Cards please add a 2% fee. We reserve the right to alter numbers, specifications and prices at any time is this becomes necessary.


Quality model railways from Golden Age Models Ltd

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Pullman luxury coaches and quality model train locomotives available in various gauges to enhance any model railway

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