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GWR Super Saloon Class Coach

GWR Super Saloon Class “Queen Mary” Coach. All photos by Golden Age Models Limited.

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Super Saloons (with coat-of-arms) :

9111 King George

9112 Queen Mary

9113 Prince of Wales

9114 Duke of York

9115 Duke of Gloucester

9116 Duchess of York

9117 Princess Royal (as built)

9118 Princess Elizabeth (as built)


Super Saloons (with circular totems) :

9111 King George

9112 Queen Mary

9113 Prince of Wales

9114 Duke of York

9115 Duke of Gloucester

9116 Duchess of York

9117 Princess Royal (with kitchen)

9118 Princess Elizabeth (with Kitchen)


Ocean Liner Train usual formation :

3 or 5 Super Saloons with 2 Passenger Brake coaches.

Heavier trains included Third Class coaches with Restaurants.


Ocean Mails and Passenger Brake Vans :

Ocean Mails coaches No. 1169-1174

Passenger Brake coaches No.138-57 (selection).

Collett Large Window ‘Sunshine’ Coaches :

Restaurant Car (12 wheel) No.9671-9675

Buffet Car (12wheel) No.9676-9680

Brake Third Corridor No.1627-47 (selection)

Third Corridor No.1080-9 (selection)

First Corridor No.8092-8111 (selection)

Composite Corridor No.7001-56 (selection)


‘Cornish Riviera Limited’ Centenary Coaches

The regular 10 coach formation was:

1. Brake Third (left hand) No.4577 or 4580

2. Third Corridor No.4583 or 4586

3. Third Corridor No.4582 or 4585

4. Restaurant Third Diner No.9637 or 9638

5. Restaurant First Kitchen No.9635 or 9636

6. Composite Corridor No.6660 or 6661

7. Brake Third (right hand) No.4575 or 4576

8. Third Corridor No.4581 or 4584

9. Brake Composite No.6650 or 6652

10. Brake Composite No.6651 or 6653


Extra Centenary Coaches for heavy trains :

Brake Third (right hand) No.4578 or 4579

Composite Corridor No.6658 or 6659

Brake Composite no.6654 or 6655


Availability & Prices:

  • Carefully researched from original drawings, photos and preserved examples.
  • Brass soldered construction with superb body detail.
  • Detailed interior with seats and tables etc.
  • Beautiful paint finish oven baked to give a long lasting satin finish.
  • Removable roof nameboards from the famous trains.
  • Presentation Golden Age Models box fully lined with foam for protection.

Orders are welcome and as soon as there are sufficient we will start production. The number of variations produced will depend upon the level of firm orders. There are very low numbers of each number and livery so please contact us for availability by e-mail.


The price is under negotiation and is expected to be £950 - £1,150 per coach depending upon the number ordered plus VAT and delivery. The price will be fixed for all firm orders.


Payment by card is welcome although for Credit Cards please add a 2% fee. We reserve the right to alter numbers, specifications and prices at any time is this becomes necessary.


Quality model railways from Golden Age Models Ltd

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