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Golden Age Models A4 Dominion of Canada and Pullman coaches running on John Ryan’s layout

Golden Age Models A4 Dominion of Canada and Pullman coaches running on John Ryan’s layout. Photos by Tony Wright.

We wish to sincerely apologise to all our customers that we currently have no stock available for sale and we are experiencing severe delays with the delivery of our beautiful hand-made models, which is due to the actions of our business bank and circumstances completely outside our control. Every effort continues to be made to resolve this with a Compensation Claim against our business bank, which is based upon Expert Witness and Forensic Accountant’s Reports.


Even though the bank has already admitted liability in writing in October 2014, every reasonable effort to mediate with the bank failed to resolve our Claim in any satisfactory way. In order to resolve this matter more effectively, we obtained litigation funding in July 2018 and a favourable Barrister’s opinion in August 2018, which were an excellent vote of confidence in the strength of the evidence. This has enabled us to commence legal proceedings against the bank on 30 August 2018. Since that date, a great deal of effort has been made by our legal team to update all the evidence and this has been submitted with the Particular’s of Claim to the Court and the bank on 6 February 2019. We trust that this action will lead to a more just and fair settlement sooner rather than later, so that this business can begin to recover from the past 5 difficult years of trading, and commence deliveries of new stock before too long in order to keep our customers happy.


We are also taking this stand on behalf of all other UK businesses, some of which may have been adversely affected by similar problems, which are not yet in the public domain and therefore there is a strong “public interest” aspect of the righteous stand we have taken against our bank . We will provide further updates as soon as we have further progress to report with our deliveries and available stock for sale.


We also wish to expressly thank all our customers who have been patient with us through this difficult time, and to thank everyone in our legal team for their excellent support and advice.


Quentin Poore (Director)

Golden Age Models Limited

8 February 2019


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Quality model railways from Golden Age Models Ltd

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